Support Us

How to support New Colors

You can support New Colors by donating or volunteering.


Costs associated with New Colors are met by Nikadass and Renana themselves and by friends abroad, who contribute towards either operational needs or special projects.
Our funding needs are of three kinds:

  1. (Crucial) operational expenses:  Although we run the program without labor costs, the center does need to meet certain monthly financial obligations, such as administration, maintenance and repairs, Together, these currently amount to about 7,000 Rs ($125) monthly, or 70,000 Rs. ($1,250) for the school year.
  2. Occasional expenses:  In this category are such items as stationery for the pupils, small prizes for games and good attendance,  medical supplies, funding for excursions, and multi-religious festivals.  An optimal yearly amount would be 30,000 Rs.
  3. Non-recurring expenses which include the construction of a small multipurpose room, volunteers’ accommodation, purchase of books for our library, computers and educational materials.

In order to continue with and expand our work we need your support. Your monetary contributions will help us to grow our facilities and expand our range of activities at New Colors. We assure you that your funds will only and solely be used for the betterment of New Colors and the village.  Our only funding overhead is the 1% that we must provide Auroville in exchange for services.

Support budget* (contact us for final details)

  • Support a child (per year) in the After-School Support project
  • Complete the coffee shop (purchase of tables, chairs, etc)
  • Equipment needed
  • Vehicle for transporting the children
  • Extension of the New Colors Building
  • Construction of a Day Care Center

*  If you would like to learn more about any of our projects or funding needs, please contact us.


Volunteers and staff at New colors

“Just Be” volunteer project (in Auroville)

Just come and be as you are. Just your communication with Children in New Colors will open their eyes about the future and the world.
We value every person’s quality, personality and uniqueness within themselves. So, come and “Just Be”.

Help from a distance!

Do a presentation for your friends or congregation!  Spread the word about New Colors!
Help to raise money for our projects!  Start a support Group!  We will provide you with any help or materials you need.

Financial Sustainability

New Colors functions as a not-for-profit outreach program of Auroville.  This allows us to use Auroville’s charitable status to work with minimum financial overhead (i.e. the 1% that we must pay to Auroville for its services).  By working under the umbrella of Auroville, we can also take use the services of the many unpaid volunteers and interns who come to Auroville throughout the year.

As already mentioned, labor costs are non-existent because also the permanent staff of New Colors work voluntarily.
The core programs of New Colors therefore are and will remain financially viable and sustainable.
Over the long-term we also hope to create new sources of income. One of our ideas is to open, next to the Golden Water facility, a coffee shop/restaurant that will provide tasty South Indian coffee and traditional foods for tourists and visitors. This will have the added advantage of providing exposure and publicity, as visitors will see the project in action, as well as meet with staff and volunteers.
Some of our future development projects (see below), will require initial capital investment, but ongoing activities will be run on the basis of available funding. As with our existing programs, we will strive to keep future programs financially viable and sustainable.

The Future

Children in our after school project

There are many possibilities for expanding the work of New Colors (the following examples are not necessarily in order of priority).
1.  We would like to extend the building we are using today so that there will be room for additional children.  With a small investment in construction and the addition of one volunteer staff member, we could increase the number of children served from from the current 40 to about 70.
2.  We would like to buy a vehicle to transport the children to the afternoon program.  This would enable us to make several improvements.
We would be able to transport the children, thus increasing child safety.  This is especially important on rainy monsoon days, when we must remain closed for safety reasons.
We would be able to take the children on excursions and evening programs.
We would be able to transport healthy water along with the children.
3.  We could create programs that involve also women and youth. We are seeking ways to adapt our work so that we can support other vulnerable groups through education and open learning.
4.  We would like to open a day-care center for the infants and toddlers of the village. Because most of the adults (including women) in the village need to work during the daytime, it is hard for them to take care of their younger children, especially those up to the age of 3.
5.  Edayanchavadi is just one village among many in the area that face similar challenges. We would dearly love to extend this work to the surrounding villages.
Our overall goal is, by empowering children, to create a more sustainable society. In the process, we learn, develop and adapt ourselves to the community’s needs. New Colors is a different color every day!