About Us

About us

This page describes our project and values, to learn more about the people behind “New colors” please visit Our team page.

New Colors opened its doors in 2002. Located in Edayanchavady (population 5,000+), a local village in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India, New Colors is a grass roots organization that correlates education, sustainable community development and individual empowerment.

New Colors is a progressive educational and creative learning center. Our main service is to provide a free after school-support program for underprivileged village children.
Edayanchavadi is situated in a rural and poor area of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Despite recent strides in education that have brought state literacy levels up to 80%, children in rural schools receive poorer educational advantages and incentives from their home environment. Our aim is to provide them with motivation to study and give them a better chance to compete in the rapidly developing Indian economy.

We encourage a Holistic view on education therefore our after-school program provides the following support:

  • Helping the children with homework and scholastic motivation;
  • Developing creativity;
  • Engaging and nurturing the children’s mental, emotional and spiritual well-being;
  • Ensuring sustainable development with awareness of social responsibility;
  • Assessing and catering to each child’s needs;
  • Providing family counseling.

Our Values

New Colors’ vision is to be a sustainable learning-center that will catalyze change in Edayanchavady and neighboring communities.

To fulfill our mission we work according to the following principles:

  • To provide open and lifelong learning rather than textbook learning.
  • To see the uniqueness of each child rather than treat the children as a homogeneous group.
  • Where appropriate, to use non-conventional methods in order to implement basic human needs for healthy child development. For example, we initiate projects to provide clean drinking water, hygiene awareness, safe infrastructures, and reliable utilities.
  • All our activities are and will continue to be given free of charge. We want to make it possible for all children to participate, rather than only those who can afford it.
  • We believe in practical work for sustainable development, rather than theoretical or academic discussion.